Perfume Shop Online: 7 Tips to make Perfume last longer

Do you know people are naturally drawn to people who exude confidence? People who are confident by nature tend to smell better, which makes them more desirable. What can you do to make yourself more attractive? As long as you can, try to smell as good as possible. Here’s how you can make your perfume last even longer! Continue reading.

After a shower, spray on the perfume. The heat and moisture from a hot shower will open your pores. It is therefore a great idea to spray some perfume on your skin as soon after a bath as possible. The perfume will last longer if you spray it on pores that are open.

Use moisturizer to prevent the perfume from staying on dry skin. The perfume will evaporate quickly. It is therefore wise to rub generously some body lotion onto your skin. Oily-skinned people need less cologne reapplication because the skin types they have do this job naturally.

You can create a unique scent by using a combination of fragrances that are similar. You don’t need to smell like an assortment of 10 fragrances. This will confuse women (especially) as to your personal scent and your style. You should use after-shave, lotions, and conditioners. They are usually packaged in kits or do not contain any perfume. The fragrance will be more prominent without being too “in your faces”.

Store perfume bottles away from the bathroom. Heat, humidity and warmth will reduce their quality and lifespan. Store your inexpensive perfume or your expensive eau de toilette in a cool, dry place. Keep them away from the sun. This small tip can help your cologne last longer.

You should not spray cologne directly on clothing. The strength of cologne is determined by the alcohol content. This also determines how much damage your expensive jackets & shirts will suffer! Why bother if your clothes are stained and you look odd? You’ll make no impression with the girls. Don’t ruin your clothes.

Do not overapply: This is a myth. It doesn’t matter if you apply it once, twice or three times. It washes off just as quickly. You may think it’s a good idea to apply too much, but everyone will be judging you in the elevator if you do. Your strong cologne may kill you, not your looks.

It’s not a good idea to rub the cologne/perfume together. This is contrary to how you would normally use perfume. The top notes will disappear quicker. You waste expensive perfume.

Here are some tips to help you find the right cologne for your seduction needs:

Purchase a high-quality perfume only from those ‘perfumers’ that use natural ingredients and specialize in this one product.

Choose a scent that is unique. You will be remembered more if you choose a scent which is uncommon.

When buying perfume/cologne, choose one that contains more oil and alcohol.

If possible, choose woody over citrus notes. This is subjective.

You don’t need to worry about alcohol damaging your hair, as it is minimal. When in doubt, always test before using.

Do not remove the cap of your bottle too often. The colour will change and the quality of your “Cologne” will be reduced.